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Comprehensive Hiring Process of Next Career Consultant

We follow our strategically designed procedure to provide the best we have to offer as a hiring consultant


A complete and detailed insight of the Job responsibilities, skills and knowledge required for the job, and also where does this role fit in with the wider structure of the business.


In this stage we start posting for the job on different media forums we have. For example LinkedIn, CV Library, Bayt and Indeed. The Search Begins Here!

Identifying Viable Candidates

We identify candidates after careful examination. The best fits are called whereas the other resumes we have been through gets on hold for the relevant vacancies in future.

Telephone Screening

We call the shortlisted candidates and take an on call interview. This will help recruiters have an idea that whether or not the attitude of the candidate compliments well with skills.

The Interview

In this step, we conduct a virtual interview! This step can sometimes take just a day or may prolong to as much as 2 weeks to make the final decision about the hiring.

An Offer

After the candidate is been through all this comprehensive selection process, the most suitable candidate for the position is selected and then we make an offer.

Offer Finalization

Finally a settlement is been made between the company and the candidate and the candidate finally accepts the offer by signing the contract and officially becomes the employee of the desired company.

Joining the Company

A comprehensive on-boarding process is probably the most important part of all the recruitment stages. We will make sure the candidate feels esteemed until they join the organization officially.

We are hard at work to give
you as many options as possible.

We take on the headaches of sourcing & hiring, and then, we take on the liability with our HR Management Services. From applicant tracking system to providing staffing services we do it all for you. Our other services include Corporate Training Solutions, Executive Search, Outplacement Services, Career Transition Services and HR Consultancy.

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We are hard at work to give you as many options as possible.

We provide entire services by setting up talent management portfolio including recruitment, placement, training, assessment; retention and other HR-related administration and management of these individuals. Our expert recruitment and consultant teams can provide you with personalized services. Our other services include:

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