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Supporting people and companies to deal with the COVID-19 virus: Options for an immediate employment and social-policy response

The outbreak of the COVID 19 virus poses an unprecedented, major challenge to economies and societies. The global economy faces its biggest danger since the financial crisis. Containing the epidemic and protecting people is the top priority. Reinforcing health systems and medical research to ensure that appropriate care can be provided to all those infected by the virus comes first; but governments also need to find fast and effective solutions to deal with the economic and social impact on workers and companies of both the disease itself and the effects of the containment measures taken to limit the spread of the virus.

Reducing workers’ exposure to the COVID 19 virus in the workplace

Many countries are taking measures to limit physical interaction. The first focus was on interpersonal interactions in the workplace and the daily commute, given that workplaces and public transport often gather large numbers of people and thereby increase their risk of contracting and spreading the COVID 19 virus.

Therapy Sessions

Government sectors as well as the private companies should offer free therapy sessions to all workers, especially those, who have in any way affected by the COVID-19. A number of companies that are associated with are already offering employees by tapping their pool of therapy sessions and meet with a counselor in person or via video chat.

Emergency Leave

Companies should allow any worker concerned about Coronavirus to stay home 'Without Penalty'. We suggest companies to enact an emergency leave policy for their workers that will allow them to take time off without penalty if they fear the spread of a new virus.

Virtual Hiring Implemented

During the pandemic situation, companies should go virtual with their hiring. Many of the United States big firms has gone virtual with parts of its student recruitment process in response to the spread of coronavirus.

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