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Growing Into The World's Leading Matching platform

Companies around the world have embraced a remote workforce. This opens up a world of new opportunities, but also exposes you to liabilities as you come across different kind of workforces. HR Options makes hiring anywhere simple.

We take on the headaches of sourcing & hiring, and then, we take on the liability with our HR Management Services. From applicant tracking system to providing staffing services we do it all for you. Our other services include Corporate Training Solutions, Executive Search, Outplacement Services, Career Transition Services and HR Consultancy.

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Message From The CEO

We are one amongst the top technically and strategically enabled HR solutions and service providers across the country & aboard and we are happy with this regard. We not just provide companies with the recruiting services but also takes care of their various HR activities which is significantly making a positive effect. It is an inspiring experience to work with three-dimensional domain consisting of talents, talent seekers and talent factories and to see the number of clients growing and developing day-by-day.

Our Mission

Our aim is to bring in the opportunities faster and in the best convenient way possible for our clients. Our team is the most valuable asset and the foundation of our progress. We are valuing each of our team member's contributions and strive to provide them with an opportunity to grow.

Our Vision

To be the worlds’ leading matching platform for companies around the globe when it comes to trusting with HR management services. We aspire to build a strong relationship by serving our customers in every sphere of their operations, at every location they exist.

Our Team of Advanced HR Professionals

Justin Weitzman


Hannah Buffay

Chief Human Resource Officer

Martin Robin

Staffing Manager

Bob Robert

Risk Management Manager

Norah Alison

Employee Relations Manager

We are hard at work to give you as many options as possible.

We provide entire services by setting up talent management portfolio including recruitment, placement, training, assessment; retention and other HR-related administration and management of these individuals. Our expert recruitment and consultant teams can provide you with personalized services. Our other services include:

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